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Official Languages : English/Greek

1. Alliance : DPS [Deadly Penguin Squad]

2. NAPS ( Non Aggression Pact ) :

  • Iron Hand for all the Zones that lead to Desert. Do not attack them , do not troll them , treat them as purple. If they kill you or hit you dont flame them , talk with an officer for your regear
3. Guild Lock : Martlock [ BLUE]

4. Hideouts : T7 Sandmount Desert + Qiient - Et - Qinsum+ Bleachskull Steppe T5 + Razorock Verge T7

5. Respect your guildmates , your officers and people from the alliance or NAPS , Do not flame them and if there is any problem report to an officer with all the required evidence. No Drama in Alliance / Guild chat or Discord. Keep it Civil and talk to an officer. Do not Flame or Taunt Guildmates or Alliance members in Hellgates/Scrims.

6. Do not Steal Loot . Loot is split between all participants. If you lend money to a guildmember take a screenshot of the transcation and communication.

7. If an activity requires minimum IP or certain type of gear ( ZvZ , Avalonian , Group Fame ) you must present yourself with the required gear. It is up to the group/raid leader to allow any exceptions ( for group fame this is more lenient ). If he tells you to change and you decline he may get someone else in your place.

8. You must be in Discord if you plan to do any group/raid activity. DO NOT COMPLAIN that you can not find content if you are not on Discord!

Guild Regearable Events

The Following Rules apply for Guild Regearable Events. If an Event is Regearable it is stated in the CTA.
In general territoryor HO defence/attack is regearable . Faction fighs are not

Minimum IP for regear 1100

People who combat loot or Run during ZvZ will NOT be regeared ( you can not hide from the killboard or the lootlogs) . And people who do not wear #zvz-info or do not meet the IP requirement will not be regeared

Max Tier : T7 or Equivalent ( 4.3/5.2/6.1/7)
Helm: Mercenary/Knight / Scholar
Chest: Cleric/Scholar/Guardian/Soldier
Boots: Hunter/Mage/Scholar
Cape: Martlock